As of 01.12.2014 on balance of LLC Oil Refinery - the EAST 17 structures with category C3 oil resources in number of 110004 thousand tons were registered. (Geological) and 7 gas-condensate structures with total resources of free gas of 16472 million m3, condensate - 4161 thousand tons. (Geological).

In the 2014th year works on carrying out rehandling and a pereinterprtation of materials of seismic exploration on a northern part of the Izvestinsky license area are begun, including:

· 500 пог. Km. seismoprospecting works 2D;

· 568 sq.km of seismoprospecting works 3D.

As a result of carrying out these works it is planned to specify a geological structure of the developed fields and to estimate prospects of drilling of search wells around the carried-out works. In particular, localization on materials 3D - seismic exploration of lithologic traps in achimovsky thickness is of considerable interest.

Drilling of a search well on the East Metelny structure located in the southern part of the Izvestinsky license area is also planned for the 2015th year. Deposits of the Vasyugan suite are target, however it should be noted that on this square nizhnemelovy deposits sortymsky are also of considerable interest, tangalovky and pokursky (average) is twisted.

Further carrying out seismoprospecting works 3D of 200 sq.km on Rozhdestvenskaya Square of the Izvestinsky license area with the subsequent drilling of search wells on this square is supposed.